Walpole Synchronous condenser buildings and GTC bunds

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We are making fantastic progress at the Siemens Energy site in Walpole, near Wisbech.

We were tasked by Keltbray with a large package of works which began with us constructing 2 generator bases at a finished depth of 1600mm, poured in 400mm layers. Cable trenches, consisting of 400mm deep slabs with 300mm thick walls and rebates on top for GRP grating to cover and protect were built around them.

Once complete, we came out of the trenches and constructed 400mm thick ground slabs with 800mm down stands to the perimeter and cast in holding down bolts.

At the end of each of these buildings were various rooms for equipment etc which we constructed 400mm slabs with 800mm upstands for. Holding down bolts were cast in for these too.

Upon completion of these buildings we moved efforts on to the GTC transformer bunds.

A 1700mm deep blast wall was built down the centre of them with various sized plinths either side, sitting on 400mm slabs with watertight walls and rebates around the perimeter.

The next structures to build will be AIS bases with plinths and cooler bunds. The team have worked solidly together in recent weeks, placing over 1500m3 of concrete so far, and we’re on track for completion by the end of the Summer.